Sell Your Home For More With Our Handyman Deal

One of the main reasons homes we list sell for more money and faster than most is because we INVEST our money in YOUR home. From marketing to photography, we put real dollars into getting your home ready to sell. That INCLUDES paying for repairs that will get your house ready to showcase to buyers.

One of the challenges to selling your home is getting the right buyer in the door. Buyers want move-in ready homes, where all they have to do is unpack and settle in. Even the most immaculately maintained homes can have minor repairs and updates that can be made to get it ready to sell for the most money possible. This is something most agents simply won't do. 

How It Works

Every home we list has a generous budget assigned to it, which varies according to the price of the home. We use this budget to do any and everything possible to maximize the value of your home. For example, you may need new landscaping to increase the curb appeal of your house and make the all-important first impression.

 You might need to paint a few rooms of the home which help it photography well. We hire a great painter that will give them the extra "WOW" factor they need. You might even have a leaky tub that has left watermarks on the ceiling. Whatever the problem, we will invest in your home to make sure buyers are submitting offers.

So if you're thinking of selling, but you are concerned about the condition of your home and how to pay for repairs, contact us today. We can discuss how we will invest in your home to get you the most money possible!

Handyman Deal

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